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Foods That Can Help You Build Testosterone

Testosterone is the dominant sex hormone that is present in the male and it more than just a hormone that pushes your sex drive. Testosterone is responsible for many vital functions of the body including muscle health, bone health, sperm production, hair growth and much more.

As you age, you may feel that the amount of testosterone that you once carried with you when you were young is diminishing now. As you age, the amount of testosterone indeed diminishes making some bodily function go bad. You may even start experiencing some chronic illnesses due to lack of this crucial testosterone.

To prevent this vital hormone from diminishing rapidly, it is always recommended to consume lot of things that build this natural hormone in your body. There are many things you can eat beside having supplementation that promotes the growth of testosterone. Down below we cover the foods that help built testosterone at a rapid pace.

What to Eat to Increase Your T Levels


Tuna is without any doubt the number one food that provides a boost to testosterone in the male body. It has a lot of vitamin D which is essential for preserving testosterone in the body. The super food is also good for your heart and is very low in calories. A serving of tuna will effectively give you enough vitamin D to keep your daily needs fulfilled.

Egg yolks

You may have heard that egg yolks are the best when it comes to getting all the powerful nutrients in your body. The egg yolks are naturally rich in vitamin D which is good for building testosterone inside the body. It contains more nutrients than the egg white but because of high cholesterol, it has often been painted in bad light. But don’t worry, as long as you eat just one egg yolk a day, you should be getting enough juice to maintain a good level of testosterones in your body.


Oysters are often regarded as sex foods. Whenever you want to boost your sex drive, oysters are a great way to get there. This is because it has a lot of Zinc in it. Zinc can help the male hormones in check throughout their adult life. With more zinc in your body, testosterone growth increases.


There is no denying that beef is the ultimate food for the males. Beef not only provides you with abundant protein, it can significantly boost your testosterone production. Just be sure to consume red meat with control because the very same meat that is giving you these essential nutrients can be dangerous if over consumed.


Beans offer you more benefit then you can imagine especially when it comes to male health. Beans such as the kidney beans and black beans are extremely rich in zinc and Vitamin D which makes sure that your testosterone is growing and maintained at its best level. But you cannot just survive on beans alone so try to mix them up with the food you eat on a daily basis.

Lastly, if you must supplement your food intake with a manufactured product, check out this list of items you can buy – http://www.ratedproducts.com/best-testosterone-booster-buying-guide/.  As you can see, there is no shortage of testosterone boosters that can help you gain more natural testosterone, resulting in more efficiency and energy.



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