Vincent is the best-selling writer and blogger of hook-up apps, dating, and relationships. I have worked for ten years as a writer and editor at the national news biweekly world magazine. I am also a U.S. Navy veteran. 

I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Creative Writing and a minor in Religious Studies. 

I was raised in California, the Firstborn Son of a veteran who turned to be a policeman. Initially, my focus was on art performance, I, therefore, attended one of the prestigious academies. 

Before I became a writer, I was serving as an operator of a tracked vehicle in the U.S. Army, I then returned to normal civilian life and begin writing articles and blog posts, screenplays, and short stories. Moving to Northern California in the late 90s, I met my future wife.  

An Amazon and USA Today Bestselling Author, my novels are selling over 200,000 copies, and short stories contributed to anthologies, audiobooks, and have won several awards. 


I have also written several blog posts and articles. The reason why I have written the blog post on hook-up apps is to help men and women who want to venture into the online dating world. If you have a problem with your dating life, please contact me through my website.